Samsung Luxury and GammAlta Group: a success story told by Garpez

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GammAlta Group has secured an agreement with Samsung, establishing itself as a distributor for Samsung's luxury video products in the custom installation and B2B vertical channel.

For years, Garpez has been a partnering agency of GammAlta Group, providing support in marketing strategy, corporate identity, and web design across various sectors of interest. GammAlta Group differentiates its distribution of audio-video and integrated home automation products into two distinct sectors: GammAlta, which caters primarily to installers, designers, and interior decorators by offering top-quality global production; and Suonolite, which focuses on the distribution of plug-and-play audio and video products.

Working alongside the CEO of GammAlta Group, we identified four main objectives and successfully achieved them by forming a dedicated team consisting of an account manager, a developer, a UX designer, a webmaster, and two copywriters. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed a phased timeline that enabled us to meet their objectives while driving business growth for the GammAlta and Suonolite brands through advertising campaigns and marketing automation.

Our shared objectives encompassed entering the luxury technology market, advocating for the revolution in audio-visual experience, and creating an institutional corporate identity based on the group's unique know-how and culture developed over decades of professional experience. How did we accomplish this? By defining the target audience as high-spending individuals mediated by B2B buyers and crafting a brand experience that conveys emotions, exclusivity, and quality.

Today, our professional relationship with GammAlta Group continues to thrive, fueled by trust and our shared commitment to pursuing a path of growth together.

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