Garpez has signed Unbound, the first online psychology platform endorsed by the Order of Psychologists

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Unbound is officially recognized as the first online psychology platform endorsed by the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany. This endorsement positions it as a pioneer in a new conception of well-being.

This significant event took place on April 21, 2023, and not by chance, it coincided with the International Day of Innovation and Creativity. UnBound quickly rose to become the second largest platform in terms of subscribers, and this achievement was no accident. After all, good ideas require impeccable timing and the expertise to develop them.

Just a year ago, this idea was merely theoretical, and now it communicates, shares, and transmits its mission to the entirety of Italy. For Garpez, this is a monumental accomplishment, not only in terms of attendance and recognition but also in terms of the social impact it has had on people's lives.

The most significant challenge of 2022 was undertaken by the entire team, who dedicated themselves to building the project comprehensively.

Over the course of a year, numerous meetings were held, strategies were developed, and the website and dedicated application were meticulously crafted. Social media channels were established in synergy with the client's objectives. Now, just over a month later, all of this effort translates into immense satisfaction.

"UnBound was one of the most demanding end-to-end projects we undertook last year. We started from scratch, meticulously planning every step, from the business model to legal aspects, while simultaneously developing all the necessary online and offline tools to ensure its usability. It's a project that we proudly talk about and now represents the perfect balance between various disciplines."

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