Garpez is a team that combines creativity, talent and technology. A puzzle of passionate and competent people. Human centred, result oriented. Next to our client. Linking your brand to people's heart.

We are Garpez.

We win because we are a team.

Since 2016 we are next to  companies to boost their business , support start-ups and launching new brands, with a major focus on Fintech, Fashion, Sport and Food industry, thanks to costume made strategies.




tech and Data



The power of ideas and the skill to see beyond.

We listen and value your brand.

We are a puzzle made of roles , skills and complementary talents. We are built  in a beyond-creative and complete reality that is oriented towards one aim: leaving a mark in the business performance of our clients.

Our philosophy is based on customization. Listening to and knowing about our client help us create exclusive projects to gather new audience and increase business performance. That's why each partner company has an assigned team with an Executive Account that will be their bounce inside Garpez and that will lead the team toward the agreed goals.

Garpez is
Official Google Partner.

A new way of doing marketing.

At Garpez art, creativity , technology, Al and data analysis meet and draw inspiration from each other.

Our approach, inspired by relational marketing, aims to establish a relationship between brand and consumer based on empathy, trust ,accessibility, costumer journey and planned goals thanks to the development of our tech solutions.

01. Marketing

Marketing Manager, Advertiser and Digital Strategist work with the client to determine the monthly and annual goals, the budgeting and create and ideal brand experience for the target audience.

/ Marketing Consultancy

/ Digital Marketing

/ Advertising

/ Customer Journey Management ‍

/ Business Consultancy

02. Data and Tech

The team made of programmers, web developer, Project Manager, UX Designer and Data Analyst, develops technological and digital tools to support the management of the marketing strategy and result analysis.

/ Back-end Development

/ Front-end Development

/ UX-UI Design

/ Data Analysis

/ Website Management Policy

03. Creative

The team, consisting of Art Director, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Illustrators and Web Designer, takes care of the public image and the design of the visual and textual identity of the brand.

/ Shooting e Video Making

/ PR & Ufficio Stampa

/ Social Media Management

/ Brand Identity

/ Web Design