Garpez alongside Italian entrepreneurs with Ecosistema Impresa.

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Created by the Enel X group and dedicated to the growth of Italian SMEs, Ecosistema Impresa took its first steps in January 2021, entrusting Garpez with the development of the digital platform and the management of advertising and corporate communication. 10 months later, the numbers speak for themselves: 7 million euros in funding disbursed and 2600 registered entrepreneurs.

The platform

Ecosistema Impresa identifies the right technologies and the best services for entrepreneurs in order to create new opportunities and optimize the business processes of SMEs. Assistance, reliability, and innovation are the strengths of the platform, which was created to act as an intermediary between companies and business partners, offering new methods, tools, and skills, ranging from financing to entertainment, for a real improvement in business dynamics.

Garpez solutions

The over 2600 registered entrepreneurs on the platform are the result of targeted communication and advertising strategies aimed at addressing the needs of a category that has undergone significant changes in the past two years: entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The first step was to promote brand awareness for Ecosistema Impresa, focusing on values such as authority, security, and innovation. In parallel, we launched advertising campaigns on social media and Google, using various strategies and tools:

Conversion goal: We identified the strong points of Ecosistema Impresa through careful market research and analysis of the platform's prospects. This helped us launch targeted campaigns for specific audiences and services on social media and PPC ads on Google. This strategy allowed us to achieve a conversion rate of 5% and reach over 40,000 entrepreneurs in the first six months of activity.

Lead generation and nurturing: We utilized authority, social proof, and empathy as levers for lead generation conducted on Facebook, aiming to capture the audience of entrepreneurs and continue nurturing them with specific content through newsletters and email marketing, bringing them closer to conversion. This second strategy complemented the first one, achieving nearly tripled percentages with a conversion rate of 14.5%.

Our goal? To surpass 3000 registered entrepreneurs on Ecosistema Impresa by the end of December 2021.

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