Garpez X Gelostandard: The Behind-the-Scenes of a Renewed Collaboration

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In 2017, Alessio Ferri had recently founded Garpez. On his magnetic whiteboard were the names of the first four partner companies: three of them still stand out today for having established a solid collaboration with us, based on mutual listening and shared growth objectives achieved through measurable, scalable strategies, always infused with that indispensable touch of creativity in Garpez.

The fourth company, after an initial collaboration, embarked on a different path from ours: market dynamics had led them astray, but mutual and consistent respect laid the foundation for their return to Garpez.

We are delighted to announce the renewed partnership with Gelostandard, an Italian company specializing in the production of machinery and contract services for the furnishing of ice cream parlors and pastry shops.

What does customer loyalty mean?

When the English refer to the set of activities aimed at strengthening the relationship between a company and its customers, they speak of customer loyalty. In Italy, on the other hand, to indicate the maintenance of a solid and satisfied clientele, we talk about customer retention. Different terms, identical in meaning, which confirm the importance of rewarding and satisfying the needs of leads, especially in the long run.

For Garpez, the renewed collaboration with Gelostandard represents a new way of understanding customer loyalty. The ability to monitor the effectiveness of the tools the company had implemented, as well as the discovery of the latent needs of prospects, prompted Garpez to re-engage with renewed understanding and initiative to continue sharing an ambitious path of business development.

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