eCommerce shows no signs of stopping, with double-digit growth expected to continue in 2022

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One thing is undeniable: starting in 2022, it will be impossible to do business without 100% mobile-responsive websites. This inevitable evolution has been exponentially accelerated by the pandemic. The numbers speak for themselves, demonstrating that the value of eCommerce has experienced double-digit growth in the past year, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is predicted to soon reach 39 billion euros.

The widespread use of the internet has played a crucial role, with 83% of the population now relying on it. Adding to its significance, online purchases have increased by 5% in the last twelve months. What's interesting is not just the growth itself but how this phenomenon has strengthened the bond between customers and the brands they were already loyal to.

While there is no universal recipe for success, the ability to anticipate trends is certainly an excellent ingredient. That's why we have analyzed the direction in which the eCommerce sector will continue to increase in value.

Omnichannelity will play a fundamental role.

This concept refers to the seamless integration and continuity between online and offline channels. In 2022, it will be necessary for retail networks to offer customers the same experience across every touchpoint. This means attracting them not only to online platforms but also to physical locations, continuously expanding the range of choices. For example, customers may have the option to purchase a product in-store that is not immediately available and have it delivered to their homes.

Augmented and virtual reality must become increasingly effective.

Different in practice but similar in essence, AI and VR will increasingly serve consumers in observing and experiencing brands before making actual purchases. While AI offers the ability to visualize product components directly on a phone or computer, such as a piece of furniture, VR provides a true experience by allowing virtual try-ons for a more informed decision-making process.

Social commerce, live streaming, and mobile shopping: three key points.

Ensuring customers feel secure in their comfort zone will be crucial. It has been shown that customers prefer the convenience of using their smartphones over PCs, and if they can do so on the most popular platforms, even better. eCommerce needs to have direct contact with customers and create an integration system with end-users. In this regard, live streaming presentations are an excellent strategy.

Customer-centric payment methods.

Even traditional credit cards may seem outdated. The future will bring a multitude of new ways to complete transactions. One strategic innovation will be embracing "buy now, pay later" options, allowing immediate acquisition and use with the ability to spread the cost over time. According to specific studies, this methodology will lead to a 4.2% increase in average order value by 2024.

A sustainable perspective.

Last but not least, environmental consciousness. It's not just about the materials used in the products themselves, but also the packaging used for their protection during transportation. Moreover, the mode of transport itself is crucial. These are details that customers pay attention to and that sometimes influence their choices.

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