Garpez opens a section dedicated to Italian food industry businesses

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According to the latest statistics from Coldiretti, the Italian agri-food industry is looking confidently towards the future, with an export value of 52 billion euros in 2021 and a 21% increase in the first two months of 2022. However, the entrepreneurial fabric that generates the country's primary wealth is currently at risk of losing one out of ten businesses due to the rising costs of raw materials.

Today, more than ever in recent years, the Italian food industry needs to be supported and revitalized. It is with this goal in mind that Garpez has opened a dedicated section for the food sector, in order to accompany excellent businesses on this journey.

"We decided to take this step because we firmly believe that the Italian food and wine sector should regain the following it deserves," expressed founder Alessio Ferri. "To make this happen, it is essential to meet the needs of an increasingly discerning clientele that values tradition, and to follow unique and specialized strategies that set us apart from the rest."

These strategies at Garpez are enriched by significant collaborations, such as the one with Gabriele Corcos, one of the most important international Content Creators in the industry. Corcos has contributed to the growth and internationalization of renowned Italian and foreign brands (Lavazza, Staub, House of Foods, Campari, Ducati, Fiat, and others) in the role of Brand Ambassador.

"I started working in America, where I became involved in the entertainment world," commented Corcos. "For a decade, I traveled the world before returning to Italy. At the moment, I am paying a lot of attention to the convergence between technology and food, both in terms of my work as a food ambassador and in television and communication. I can proudly say that I have found the right partner in Garpez to continue pursuing my career, which is also my passion."

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