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Zetaplast is a company that operates in the field of plastic materials creations intended for sustainable and ecological disposal of waste. It was the first to adopt digitized solutions to make its B2B sales system more advanced and effective.

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/ Client

Zetaplast specializes in the creation of plastic materials, utilizing the most advanced transformation systems to introduce the production of plants for environmental sustainability, particularly in water cycle and energy production. It offers customized solutions for every need and represents a constant point of reference for its customers.

/ Challenge

To increase the company's sales force with a more digital approach to the market, Zetaplast aims to implement a technological infrastructure that allows customers to interact with the company more quickly and directly in terms of product requests, assistance, and design consulting.

/ Solution

After completing a full corporate rebranding, we have developed a website that ensures direct accessibility and digitalization of all information that was previously only available offline, creating an immediate connection between customers and the company. To increase awareness, we have launched email marketing campaigns to retain existing customers and developed web marketing campaigns to generate high-quality leads.

/ Result

An important acceleration of the digital transition process has led to a corporate repositioning, a continuously growing customer base, and a more widespread knowledge of the Zetaplast brand. The direct consequence is evidenced by the positive impact on sales.

An advanced website.

We have developed a website that ensures direct accessibility of information. The system includes the design of two different customer journeys, aimed at both customers who already know the brand and those who are not aware of it.

Digital transition
Completely digitally, customers can directly access the product catalog and price lists, as well as having a direct and immediate channel with the company to obtain information, request quotes, and streamline communication through a chatbot directly connected to the technical department.

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