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Maison POP Couture

Maison Pop is a startup in the fashion industry and a manufacturer of eco-friendly, cruelty-free luxury fur coats. A brand born to enhance the philosophy of the “Made in Italy”. A brand that is sophisticated and elegant, fit for every character and at the meantime sustainable and cruelty-free .

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/ Client

Born in 2021 Maison Pop Couture aims to be the voice of luxury cruelty-free slow fashion by sharing its values through their clothing and showing the that it is possible to wear a 100% made in Italy fur that is produced with eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials.

/ Challenge

We had to launch and position the brand in the Italian couture industry, highlight its values and ambitions and catch the attention of the fans  of the high quality, sustainable made in Italy fashion.

/ Solution

We started from the brand design and its logo the we created a brand identity and a packaging that reflected the values and the essence of Maison Pop Couture. To launch the brand on the market  we helped it in the development of its e-commerce, followed the artistic direction of the photo shoot and built a social media marketing and advertising strategy and influencer strategy.

/ Result

Thanks to brand awareness strategies, lead generation and digital advertising, Maison Pop Couture has started its business and laid the foundations to make the brand a reference point in the Italian high fashion of animal free fur coats.

The choice of a natural place was designed to recall the cruelty free and slow fashion philosophy of furs and enhance the contrast of colors with the environment around it.
The lighting, given by the location surrounded by greenery, is deliberately neutral and natural, so as to make the protagonists of every shot the softness, volumes and details of the products.
The presence of the animals on the set has been decided to further enhance the fundamental value of the brand: the protection and respect of every living being.

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