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IpaUp is a craft brewery based in Florence. Their beer is produced by blending innovation and tradition. The product has a unique and refined taste, that's why we decided to develop a distinctive brand identity. We promoted it by providing customized tools to the commercial department for the Costumer Relationship Management.

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/ Client

The owners, master brewers themselves with great experience in the field, have built this startup with the goal of bring to the market an exclusive beer. A beer that has unique taste, craftsmanship production and an original fresh and defined identity as selling points.

/ Challenge

We had to create a brand design able to stand out from competitors and grab a spot in the already crowded market of food and beverage. Promoting this product to retailers for its uniqueness and keeping in mind the target audience: wine bars, pubs with selection of high profiled beers and Irish Pubs.

/ Solution

We built not only a strong corporate identity but also developed new tools but also developed new tools and materials for sales force and started a web marketing strategy and mail automation for the lead generation. In addition we developed owner CMR aimed for prospects and client B2B management.

/ Result

The work done on brand design and communication for the sales department of the IpaUp brewery generated 500 new target contacts for product distribution and lead to its presence in more than 200  stores all over Italy.

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