GPY Marine

For Granai, the family and founders of GPY Marine, the sea is a passion to share with shipowners. That is why GPY has been a dealer of the best motor-yachting shipyards for the past 40 years thanks to its values and communication strategy.

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/ Client

Since 1958 GPY has been leading the scene in the industry of luxury yachts. The motor-yachting presented by GPY is a perfect balance between performance and beauty satisfying every shipowner’s expectations. Today GPY is the only dealer of Sirena Yachts in Italy.

/ Challenge

We had to establish GPY as the only dealer in Italy for an emerging international shipyard such as Sirena. We grabbed shipowners’ attention by highlighting the Sirena values of balance between iconic design and reliability in a 58 to 88-foot yacht.

/ Solution

We developed new commercial strategies to lead the company towards a digital transformation. In addition to designing a new website, we built a funnel for dem automation and developed web marketing campaigns aimed at the lead generation of the target profile. All supported social strategies that define GPY corporate identity and values.

/ Result

The communication and lead generation strategies applied for GPY marine increased the client data base with more than 150 profiled leads. By keeping constant contact with the prospect we have increased negotiation openings and substantially boosted Sales of new and used yachts.


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