Gabriele Corcos is the new Brand Ambassador of the food division at Garpez.

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Ready to strengthen the team, Gabriele Corcos, one of the most important international Content Creators, joins Garpez as a Brand Ambassador and Marketing Manager for the food sector, sharing his cross-disciplinary experiences in the world of communication, cooking, and entertainment.

"Before being a marketing manager, he is a man and then an entrepreneur. That's why we immediately discovered our shared empathy and vision for the future and present, and I recognized him as the right person to lead our project of promoting the Italian food and wine sector worldwide." - Alessio Ferri.

Who is Gabriele Corcos?

Originally a musician during his university studies, he quickly became involved in the world of entertainment, becoming a point of reference for renowned national and international brands operating in the food and lifestyle market.

Thanks to his developed leadership and communication skills, he built his career by bringing together his great passions: science, technology, marketing, entertainment, and culinary art. These aspects allowed him to establish contacts in numerous professional fields.

Some of his successful projects

As a representative of the Food Bank in New York and Los Angeles, he volunteers his time and utilizes his social channels and extensive professional network to organize significant charity events.

Passion and experience have led him to achieve ambitious milestones, such as creating and hosting the culinary show "Extra Virgin" for six consecutive years, which aired on Cooking Challenge and Food Network International. He has also published two cookbooks, "Super Tuscan" in 2016 and earlier, "Extra Virgin" in 2014, the latter of which became a bestseller two years later.

He specializes as a consultant for global brands in the Lifestyle, Food, and Beverage sectors, eventually becoming a Brand Ambassador for companies such as Lavazza, Staub, House of foods, Campari, Ducati, and Fiat.

His philosophy

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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